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AI-generated feedback & grading of essays, to same standard as teacher's own comments.

Formative assessments auto-generated by AI for enhanced learning efficiency

Quickly build up questions from trusted content, including specifying custom grading rules in plain English

Deliver step-by-step, in-depth personalized feedback and explanations to students

Access reporting, including individual and aggregated results


Advanced AI technologies to create documents from industry-specific databases that are fully searchable in plain English.

Generate accurate documents from your content

Ensure confidence in results with no hallucinations/making up facts

Confirm compliance and accuracy with responses that include citations


AI integrations to quickly turn lecture notes into a video-based academic course, MOOC or corporate training session.

Streamline asynchronous online course creation

Include AI-generated text, slides, quizzes and engaging lecture videos

Significantly reduce time and expense, especially with automated video post-production

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