AI-driven platform to transform education and training

We’re creating an advanced set of AI technologies and products for generating formative assessments, allowing efficient document creation, creating personalized learning materials, and other tasks.




AI-generated feedback & grading of essays, to the same standard as a teacher's own comments.

Formative assessments auto-generated by AI for enhanced learning efficiency

Quickly build up questions from trusted content, including specifying custom grading rules in plain English

Deliver step-by-step, in-depth personalized feedback and explanations to students

Access reporting, including individual and aggregated results


AI integrations to quickly turn lecture notes into a video-based academic course, MOOCs or corporate training sessions.

Streamline asynchronous online course creation

Include AI-generated text, slides, quizzes and engaging lecture videos

Significantly reduce time and expense, especially with automated video post-production


Advanced AI technologies to create documents from industry-specific databases that are fully searchable in plain English.

Generate accurate documents from your content

Ensure confidence in results with no hallucinations/making up facts

Confirm compliance and accuracy with responses that include citations

EdTek Advantage

We create cutting-edge AI tools and services for education and other industries.

Advanced set of AI technologies and innovative methodologies

Experienced and cohesive team working together 10+ years

Enhanced precision through diverse methods and best-of-breed tools

Designed for EdTech, but expandable to multiple industries


Steve Emanuel photo

Steve Emanuel

Co-founder, Chair
  • - 49 years in legal-ed publishing, including creating the Emanuel Law Outlines (“ELO”) series.
  • - Best-selling law school study aid author.
  • - Proven entrepreneur with $10M+ exit on sale of ELO business.
  • - BA, Amherst & JD, Harvard.
Steve Emanuel photo

Evgeny Smirnov

Co-founder, CEO
  • - 19+ years in IT.
  • - 12+ years in AI/ML.
  • - Successfully launched multiple startups.
  • - PhD in Mathematics, Pulkovo Observatory; science background.
  • - MS in Philosophy, Edinburgh.

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