Streamlines course creation, enabling educators to effortlessly generate customized courses that include AI-generated text, slides, quizzes and engaging videos. Eliminates the need to record audio/videotape of the lecture or to perform complex post-production tasks.

AI-generated course design and creation

A set of algorithms and workflows allows the educator to build and refine an online course without manually coding lecture notes or slides.

Starts with a user-generated script and a brief voice and video sample of the lecturer. Creates AI-generated slides and an audio/video lecture synchronized to those slides.

AI-assisted creation of educational content

Simply input educator’s lecture notes in natural language

Transforms those notes into slides

Creates an audio/video presentation based on a brief sample of the lecturer’s image and voice

Text-to-speech and lip-synch tools eliminate the need for the lecturer to record audio or video for the full course.

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